Lucid Art Gallery is located in the heart of Miami Design District, in an art-friendly neighborhood. Lucid is dedicated to display of contemporary art and it makes available a commercial platform for artists to share their creations and expressions with the viewers. Lucid aims to inspire personal expression and motivate with art. It offers the viewers a collection of wall art, sculptures, drawings, collages, and much more. Its objective is to illuminate the viewers mind and allow artistic creations to become a force for good in the society. At Lucid, artists can make their unknown known.

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Payal Tak has established Lucid Art Gallery as a culmination of over 30 years of a love affair with Art. Having created art with several mediums including papier mache, wood carving, brass and aluminum sheets, oil paints, acrylics, fabric paints, and so much more, Payal’s artistic journey started at a very young age and as years went by, she learnt that art is a powerful tool of transmission….of hope; courage; and balance.

“My art reflects my optimism. I couldn’t be more grateful to life for allowing me to perpetually surround myself with color. Art has been an activity that has kept me grounded while allowing me to fly at the same time. My journey in exploring the magic of colors started at a very young age. I am self-taught and am fascinated with concentric circles; geometric patterns; monochromatic themes; crazy brush strokes; medley of colors; mish-mash of media, and so much more! My Gallery is that place that aims to inspire and motivate”…..Payal

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May 1, 2023 – July 31, 2023

FRESCO 2023 showcased a collection of arts created by 13 national and international artists. Participating artists included:

Graciela Montich, Robert Frankel, Payal Tak, Simi
Bhandari, Victoria Lopez, Alejandra Stier, Anne Beatriz, Emilie Gosselin, Hiba Alyawer, Silvina Chialva, Sandra DeSouza, Tanja Licina.


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